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The Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Your Homeware Products

Homeware products

The Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Your Homeware Products: Tips and Tricks from Interior Design Experts

  1. Introduction

As we spend more time indoors, creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living space has become increasingly important. From small décor updates to major renovations, upgrading your homeware can completely transform the atmosphere and functionality of your home. But where to begin?

In this ultimate guide, we’ve consulted with top interior design experts to bring you the best tips and tricks for upgrading your homeware products. Whether you’re a seasoned home decorator or just starting out, this guide will provide you with the inspiration and know-how to create your dream home. Let’s get started!


homeware products
The Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Your Homeware: Tips and Tricks


  1. Why is upgrading your homeware important?

Upgrading your homeware products is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, your home is an extension of your personal style, and the way you decorate it reflects your personality. Upgrading your homeware can help you create a space that reflects your individuality and tastes. Secondly, upgrading your homeware can make your living space more comfortable and functional. It can help you create a space that is welcoming, relaxing, and conducive to your lifestyle.

Thirdly, a well-decorated home can have a positive impact on your mental health. Being surrounded by beautiful and functional items can boost your mood and reduce stress levels. Studies have shown that individuals who live in well-decorated homes report higher levels of happiness and satisfaction with their living space.

Finally, upgrading your homeware can increase the value of your home. If you plan to sell your property in the future, having a well-decorated and upgraded home can increase its resale value. Buyers are often willing to pay more for a home that is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

In summary, upgrading your homeware is essential for creating a home that reflects your personality, is comfortable and functional, improves your mental health, and can add value to your property. So, let’s explore the best ways to upgrade your homeware products with tips and tricks from interior design experts.

homeware products
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  1. Identifying your personal design style

Before you start upgrading your homeware, it is essential to identify your personal design style. Understanding your design style will help you create a well-coordinated and cohesive look in your home. Here are a few strategies to help you determine your design style:

  1. Look for inspiration: Start by collecting images of home décor styles that you love. This can be from interiors magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, or even take a stroll in interior décor shops. Pay attention to colour schemes, patterns, textures, and furniture styles.
  2. Analyse your wardrobe: Your clothing style can give you a hint of your personal design style. Take a look at your favourite clothing items and accessories to identify patterns, colours, and fabrics you tend to gravitate towards.
  3. Consider your lifestyle: Consider your lifestyle when choosing a design style. For instance, if you have kids or pets, you may want to avoid anything too delicate or expensive. If you love entertaining, consider a design style that will create a welcoming and inviting space for your guests.
  4. Take a design quiz: There are several design quizzes available online that can help you identify your personal design style. These quizzes ask a series of questions related to your preferences when it comes to colour, pattern, texture, and style.

Once you have identified your design style, you can start shopping for homeware items that fit your aesthetic. Keep in mind that upgrading your homeware should be a process that takes time. Gradually add items that fit your personal style and build your home décor collection over time.

homeware products
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  1. Set a budget for upgrading

Setting a Budget for Upgrading Your Homeware

Upgrading your homeware can be a fun and exciting project, but it is important to set a budget before diving in. Here are some tips to help you set a realistic budget for upgrading your home décor:

  1. Determine your priorities: Make a list of the areas of your home that you want to focus on first. You may want to prioritize high-traffic areas such as the living room or kitchen, or focus on areas that are most in need of an upgrade. Evaluate what items are necessary to achieve your desired look and prioritize accordingly.
  2. Research prices: Before you start shopping, research the prices of the items you want to purchase. Check out different retailers, both online and in-store, to find the best deals. Compare prices and make notes to avoid overspending.
  3. Set a total budget: Decide on a total budget for your home décor project and stick to it. Consider how much you can realistically afford to spend and make sure it does not exceed your financial capabilities.
  4. Be flexible: If you come across an item you love but it is over your budget, be flexible by considering alternative options in the same style or searching for sales or discounts to find the same item at a lower price.
  5. Keep a record of expenditures: Keep track of all expenses during your home décor project, including the cost of furniture, décor, and any labour. This will help you stay within your budget and avoid overspending.

By following these tips, you can set a budget that will allow you to upgrade your homeware products without breaking the bank. Remember, upgrading your homeware is a process that takes time, and it is not necessary to complete everything at once. Gradually building your collection over time can be just as rewarding and satisfying.

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  1. Explore colour palettes and textures

Exploring colour Palettes and Textures for Upgrading Your Homeware

When upgrading your homeware, one of the most important factors to consider is colour palette. Choosing the right colour scheme can completely transform a room and create the desired mood or atmosphere. Here are some popular colour palettes to consider:

  1. Neutral Tones: Neutral tones such as beige, grey, and white create a calming and sophisticated atmosphere and can serve as a great backdrop for bold accent pieces.
  2. Earthy Tones: Earthy tones such as olive green, burnt orange, and deep burgundy create a warm and cosy atmosphere, perfect for a rustic or bohemian look.
  3. Cool Tones: Cool tones such as blues, greens, and purples create a calming and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for a bedroom or bathroom.
  4. Bold Tones: Bold tones such as hot pink, bright yellow, and deep red create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, perfect for a playful and fun look.

In addition to colour palettes, textures are another important factor to consider. Textures can create depth and visual interest in a room. Here are some popular textures to consider:

  1. Woven Textures: Woven textures such as rattan and jute create a natural and organic feel and can add texture to any room.
  2. Velvet: Velvet adds a luxurious and glamorous feel to a room and can be used in accent pillows or curtains.
  3. Faux Fur: Faux fur adds a cosy and comfortable feel to a room and can be used in throw blankets or accent rugs.
  4. Metallic: Metallic textures such as gold or silver add a touch of glamour and sophistication to a room and can be used in accent pieces or light fixtures.

By carefully choosing the right colour palette and textures, you can create the desired atmosphere and transform your homeware into a stylish and comfortable space.

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  1. Focus on statement pieces

When upgrading your homeware, it is essential to focus on statement pieces. Statement pieces are those items that catch the eye and create a focal point in the room. These items can be anything from a bold piece of artwork, an unusual piece of furniture, or unique lighting fixtures. Here are some tips and tricks for incorporating statement pieces into your homeware:

  1. Choose a Theme: Before purchasing statement pieces, decide on an overall theme for the room. This will help you select pieces that complement each other and create a cohesive look.
  2. Create Balance: Statement pieces are meant to stand out, but they should also be balanced with other items in the room. For example, if you have a bold piece of artwork, balance it out with neutral furniture and accessories.
  3. Placement is Key: Consider the placement of your statement pieces carefully. They should be placed in an area that allows them to be seen and appreciated, but should not overpower the room.
  4. Don’t Be Afraid of colour: Statement pieces are a great opportunity to incorporate bold colours into your homeware. Consider a bright accent chair or colourful rug as your statement piece.
  5. Mix and Match: Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles and textures with your statement pieces. This will create visual interest and a unique look.

By focusing on statement pieces, you can elevate the look and feel of your homeware and create a space that truly reflects your style and personality.

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  1. Tips for arranging your upgraded homeware

Now that you know about the importance of statement pieces, it’s time to start arranging your upgraded homeware. Here are some tips from interior design experts to help you:

  1. Evaluate the Space: Before arranging your upgraded homeware, evaluate the space. Take note of the room dimensions, natural lighting, and available surfaces. This will help you make informed decisions about what items will work best in the space.
  2. Start with Furniture: When arranging upgraded homeware, it’s best to start with furniture placement. Arrange your statement pieces around the larger furniture items in the room. This will help create a sense of balance and flow in the room.
  3. Group Similar Items: To create visual interest and avoid clutter, group similar items together. For example, arrange similar artwork or items of the same colour together. This will help create a cohesive look in the room.
  4. Play with Heights: To create a dynamic visual experience, play with heights. Arrange items in a way that creates varying heights. This can be done by using tall lamps or vases on a coffee table, or by placing artwork at different heights on the wall.
  5. Avoid Overcrowding: When arranging upgraded homeware, it’s important to avoid overcrowding. Give each item space to breathe and make sure there’s enough room for people to move around the space comfortably.
  6. Don’t Forget Functionality: While it’s important to focus on aesthetics when upgrading your homeware, don’t forget about functionality. Make sure your items are arranged in a way that allows you to use and enjoy them.
  7. Add Personality: Finally, don’t be afraid to add your own personality to the room. Arrange items in a way that reflects your personal style and interests. This will help create a space that feels truly unique and inviting.
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  1. Don’t forget the finishing touches

After moving your upgraded homeware into place, it’s essential not to forget the finishing touches that tie everything together. Here are some tips from interior design experts on how to add those special finishing touches:

  1. Use Textiles: Textiles such as throw pillows, area rugs, and curtains can help soften the look of a room and add texture. Consider using different patterns, colours, and textures to add visual interest.
  2. Incorporate Plants: Plants not only add natural beauty to a space, but they also help to purify the air. Consider adding a mix of large and small plants to add colour and life to your upgraded homeware.
  3. Display Artwork and Photos: Adding personal artwork or photos to your walls can help to add a touch of personality and warmth to your space. Mix and match frames, sizes, and styles to create a personalized gallery wall.
  4. Choose Lighting Carefully: Lighting can make a huge impact on the overall feel of a room. Consider using a mix of overhead lighting, lamps, and accent lighting to create a cosy ambiance.
  5. Don’t Neglect Storage: Even the most beautiful spaces can feel cluttered if there is no adequate storage. Consider adding baskets, shelving, or cabinets to hide away clutter and keep your space feeling organized.
  6. Add Mirrors: Mirrors not only add a touch of glamor to a space, but they also help to reflect light and make a room feel larger. Consider strategically placing mirrors to add an extra touch of elegance to your upgraded homeware.

By implementing these finishing touches, you can transform your upgraded homeware into a space that is not only beautiful but also functional and reflective of your personal style.

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  1. Seek out inspiration from interior design experts

One great way to upgrade your homeware is to seek inspiration from experienced interior design experts. These experts know the ins and outs of quality interior design, and can offer insight that can truly transform your home. Here are some tips for seeking out inspiration from interior design experts:

  1. Look for Design Blogs and Magazines – There are a wealth of design blogs and magazines that feature the work of experienced interior designers. Spend time reading through these sources to get ideas for your home.
  2. Attend Design Shows and Events – Many cities host design shows and events where you can meet with experts, see their work, and ask for advice. Attend as many of these shows and events as possible to gain inspiration for your own space.
  3. Follow Interior Designers on Social Media – Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are ideal for following experienced interior designers. Watch for photos of their work, and make note of any designs you particularly like.
  4. Hire an Interior Designer – If you are truly dedicated to upgrading your homeware, consider hiring an interior designer to help with the process. An experienced interior designer can help you select the right pieces for your space, choose colours that work together, and much more.

By seeking out inspiration from interior design experts, you can truly transform your home into a space that you and your family will love for years to come.

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Father’s Day

Celebrate Father’s Day with Love and Gratitude

Welcome to our Father’s Day celebration! A day dedicated to honoring the incredible fathers and father figures who have shaped our lives with their wisdom, guidance, and unwavering support. Whether it’s your biological dad, stepfather, grandfather, or someone who’s been a fatherly figure to you, this is the perfect occasion to show your appreciation.
In Australia we observe Father’s Day on the first Sunday of September.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a holiday honoring one’s father, or relevant father figure, as well as fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society

father's day

A Tribute to Dad

Fathers are the unsung heroes of our lives, always there to provide a steady hand, a listening ear, and a warm heart. From teaching us to ride a bike, offering advice on life’s challenges, to sharing heartfelt moments, they play an irreplaceable role in our journeys. This Father’s Day, let’s take a moment to reflect on the memories we’ve created together and the invaluable lessons they’ve imparted.father's day

Expressing Gratitude

What better way to show your gratitude than with a heartfelt gesture? Whether it’s a handwritten note, a personalized gift, or spending quality time together, the thoughtfulness behind your actions will surely make this day memorable for your dad. Remember, it’s not about the extravagance of the gift, but the sincerity and love you put into it.

father's day

Creating Lasting Memories

Father’s Day is an opportunity to create lasting memories that both you and your dad will cherish forever. Plan a day filled with his favorite activities, whether it’s a picnic in the park, a round of golf, or simply enjoying a movie marathon at home. The joy of spending quality time together is a gift in itself.

father's day

Celebrating All Father Figures

While biological dads hold a special place in our hearts, let’s not forget the other remarkable father figures who have made a positive impact on our lives. Stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, mentors, and friends – they all deserve recognition and appreciation for the love and guidance they’ve shared.

father's day

Join Our Father’s Day Celebration

We invite you to join Click Shop AU in celebrating Father’s Day. Explore our collection of gift ideas, and make this day truly special.
Let’s come together to honor the remarkable men who have shaped us into who we are today.

father's day

This Father’s Day, let’s make it a day filled with love, laughter, and gratitude. Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there!

#fathersday #clickshopau #fathersdayaustralia #fathersdaygifts


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The health benefits of using Aroma Diffusers & Humidifiers

Aroma Diffusers – Health and wellness benefits

According to research aroma diffusers and humidifiers can offer many health and wellness benefits.

essential oils diffuser

Aroma diffusers and humidifiers are popular devices used to make the interior space of any property more comfortable, relaxing, and calming. Aroma diffusers, as the name implies, are devices used to diffuse essential oils into the air, filling the environment with a pleasant scent and fragrance. Humidifiers are devices that increase the level of humidity in the air, making it less dry and more comfortable to breathe.

aromatherapy led lights Click Shop AU

The benefits of using aroma diffusers and humidifiers

There are many benefits of using aroma diffusers and humidifiers in your home or office space, and Click Shop AU has a large selection of these devices.

Firstly, they can help to improve air quality by removing bacteria, viruses, and other impurities from the air. This is especially important for people with allergies or respiratory issues as they can help to reduce symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and wheezing.

aroma diffusers at Click Shop AU

Secondly, they can help to improve sleep quality and create a more relaxing atmosphere in the home. Essential oils such as lavender and chamomile are known for their calming effects, and diffusing them throughout the day or before bedtime can help to promote a more restful sleep.

Thirdly, they can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Essential oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus have been found to have a positive effect on reducing stress and anxiety levels. By diffusing these oils into the air, you can create a calming environment that promotes relaxation and reduces stress.

Lastly, humidifiers can help to improve skin and hair health. Dry air can cause skin and hair to dry out and become irritated, but by increasing the level of humidity in the air, you can help to keep your skin and hair hydrated and healthy.

diffusers Click Shop AU

In conclusion, aroma diffusers and humidifiers are excellent devices to create a healthy, relaxing, and comfortable living environment. They can help you to breathe better, sleep better, and reduce stress levels. If you haven’t already, you may consider investing in an aroma diffuser or humidifier to enhance the air quality and create a more nurturing atmosphere in your home. Say goodbye to dry air and hello to a serene ambiance.

The health benefits of using Aroma Diffusers & Humidifiers

A new study has found smelling certain strong scents while you sleep could help your memory, as discussed on The Project.


Order now and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in your home.
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Higher Prices and Free Shipping vs. Lower Prices Plus Shipping

Click Shop AU

Higher Prices with Free Shipping vs. Lower Prices Plus Shipping.
Which is the Better Deal?


When it comes to online shopping, one of the common dilemma shoppers face is choosing between higher prices and free shipping or lower prices with additional shipping costs. Both options have their advantages and considerations that consumers need to consider. In this post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of each approach to help you make an informed decision.

lower prices
Image by Moondance, Pixabay

Higher Prices and Free Shipping

Many online retailers offer the convenience of free shipping on their products, even if it means slightly higher prices. This approach has gained popularity among consumers due to its simplicity and perceived value. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Convenience and Transparency
    Free shipping simplifies the purchasing process by eliminating the need to calculate additional costs. The price you see is the price you pay, making budgeting and decision-making easier.
  • Perceived Value
    Free shipping often creates a sense of added value for shoppers, making them feel like they’re getting a better deal. This psychological factor can positively impact the overall shopping experience.
  • Potential Savings on Bulk Orders
    If you plan to make multiple purchases or a large order, free shipping can save you a significant amount, especially when compared to individual shipping costs.
Lower Prices Plus Shipping Costs
Image by Moondance, Pixabay

Lower Prices Plus Shipping Costs

Alternatively, some online retailers offer lower product prices but charge additional fees for shipping. Here are some factors to consider in this scenario:

  • Price Comparisons
    Lower product prices can attract cost-conscious shoppers who actively compare prices across different platforms. Paying attention to shipping costs is crucial to ensure you’re getting the best overall deal.
  • Flexibility and Options
    With lower prices plus shipping costs, consumers can choose different shipping methods based on their needs. This can be advantageous if you prioritize faster delivery or prefer a specific courier.
  • Customization and Control
    Some shoppers may prefer having the ability to select shipping options and potentially save on costs by choosing a more affordable or slower delivery service.

Click Shop AU

At Click Shop AU we always consider our customers’ needs first and aim to offer lower prices on our products. As we do not have control over the shipping (couriers’) costs, we do charge a separate fee for shipping. However, some products are delivered free, and occasionally we also have free shipping deals that add additional value to our already low prices.
Check out for further information and latest offers.

furniture online
Image by Moondance, Pixabay


In the end, the choice between higher prices and free shipping or lower prices plus shipping costs ultimately depends on your shopping preferences, budget, and the specific circumstances of your purchase. If convenience, simplicity, and perceived value are important to you, opting for higher prices with free shipping can be a compelling choice. On the other hand, if you prioritize cost savings, flexibility, and customization, lower prices plus shipping costs may be more suitable.

garden and backyard
Image by Moondance, Pixabay


Remember to carefully consider factors like the nature of your purchase, the urgency of delivery, and any potential discounts or promotions offered. By weighing these considerations, you can make an informed decision that maximizes value and aligns with your individual needs as an online shopper.

Happy shopping at Click Shop AU!

  • Aussie owned and operated
  • Secure shopping
  • Interest-free terms
  • Courier delivery with tracking
free delivery
Image by Moondance, Pixabay
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10 Reasons to Add an Outdoor Fireplace to Your Backyard Oasis

The Outdoor Fireplace

Adding an outdoor fireplace to your backyard can suddenly turn it into a year-round entertaining area.

outdoor fireplace

  1. Ambiance:

An outdoor fireplace instantly adds a cozy and warm atmosphere to your backyard. It provides an ideal spot for gathering with friends and family during cool evenings.

  1. Extended Entertaining:

With an outdoor fireplace from Click Shop AU, you can extend your outdoor entertaining season. It creates a perfect backdrop for intimate dinners or large gatherings.

  1. Property Value:

An outdoor fireplace can improve the value of your property. It is a desirable feature for home buyers, and it can provide a fantastic return on your investment.

outdoor fireplace

  1. Cooking:

With an outdoor fireplace, you can prepare delicious meals and treats for your family and friends. You can host a pizza party, roast marshmallows, or grill your favorite foods.

  1. Energy Efficiency:

An outdoor fireplace is an energy-efficient choice compared to traditional central heating. It is a sustainable option that saves on heating bills and reduces your carbon footprint.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal:

An outdoor fireplace can enhance the beauty of your backyard. It adds a focal point, creates visual interest, and can be customized to match your home’s aesthetic.

outdoor fireplace grill

  1. Privacy:

An outdoor fireplace provides an excellent source of privacy for your outdoor living space. It creates a cozy nook where you can relax and unwind while enjoying the warmth of the fire.

  1. Relaxation:

An outdoor fireplace is a perfect place to relax after a long day. It can create a peaceful retreat where you can read a book, sip a glass of wine, or simply enjoy the ambiance. Look through the available options in our Occasions section.

  1. Stargazing:

An outdoor fireplace is an ideal spot for stargazing. You can sit back and enjoy the stars while staying comfortably warm.

  1. Low Maintenance:

Outdoor fireplaces require little maintenance. They are built to withstand the elements, and all you need to do is clean them periodically to keep them looking good as new.

outdoor fireplace sale

In conclusion, an outdoor fireplace is an excellent addition to your backyard oasis. It provides warmth, relaxation, and an ideal gathering spot for family and friends. With its many benefits, it is an investment that will pay off for years to come.

Don’t hesitate, get one from Click Shop AU while stocks last.


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Ergonomic Chairs: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect One

Ergonomic Chairs

As we spend more and more time sitting in front of our computers or at our desks, it’s important to consider the impact that our posture has on our health. Poor posture, whether it’s due to slouching or typing on an uncomfortable chair, can lead to a wide range of health issues, from back pain to headaches to decreased productivity. That’s why finding the right ergonomic chair is crucial.

ergonomic chairs in office

Ergonomic chairs are designed to provide support to your body during prolonged sitting, which is especially important for those who spend long hours working at their desks. The Click Shop AU range of ergonomic chairs promote good posture by aligning your spine properly, reducing pressure on your back, and promoting better circulation. In addition to reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain, ergonomic chairs can also increase your overall comfort, allowing you to focus more effectively on your work.

ergonomic chairs at click shop au

But what should you look for when choosing the perfect ergonomic chair? Here are a few key factors to consider:

  1. Adjustability: Look for chairs that have plenty of adjustable features, including lumbar support, height adjustment, and tilt adjustments. This will help you find the perfect position for comfort and support.
  2. Comfort: Make sure the chair has good padding and is made from materials that are breathable and comfortable to sit on for long periods of time.
  3. Support: Consider the shape of the chair’s backrest and whether it provides adequate support for your lower back.
  4. Mobility: Choose chairs that have wheels for easy mobility and maneuvering.
  5. Durability: Invest in a chair that is built to last and can withstand the daily wear and tear of daily use.

ergonomic chairs

Ultimately, finding the perfect ergonomic chair will depend on your personal preferences and needs. However, by taking the time to evaluate your options and investing in a high-quality chair that provides the right support and comfort, you can reduce the risk of injury and discomfort while also improving your overall productivity.

ergonomic chairs at click shop au

So, what are you waiting for?

Start shopping Click Shop AU for your perfect ergonomic chair today!



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Furniture online

furniture online

Click Shop AU – furniture online.

Buying furniture online is easy and convenient.

Gone are the days when there was a real need to see and touch the products to evaluate their suitability for your own personal circumstances. Modern e-commerce shops created a fast, no-fuss shopping experience to choose your furniture online.

Click Shop AU offers brand new, quality furniture online at affordable prices. Products are delivered nationally with fast courier service and tracking numbers.
You could dramatically change the look of any room with these modern, stylish, and comfortable products available now at Click Shop AU.


Bedroom furniture

bedroom furniture online

The bedroom is all about comfort and relaxation.
Bed frames in all sizes and materials; with wooden, metal or fabric frames, gas-lift platform beds, mattresses, ottomans, fabric chests and more.

Living room furniture

living room furniture online

The living room is one of the most valued rooms in your home. Apart from entertaining guest, families tend to spend most of their time together in the comfort of the living room.
Sofa beds, entertainment units, TV cabinets, armchairs, lounge chairs, coffee tables, recliner chairs, adjustable sofa, rocking chairs and many more.

Kids room furniture

kids room furniture online

Bed frames and mattresses, bookshelves, activity tables and storage.

Office & Study furniture

office furniture online

We have the latest ergonomic and practical furniture, and solutions to your home office or study.
Office chairs, bookshelves, display units, computer desks, storage, adjustable laptop stands, standing desks, kneeling ergonomic chairs and more.

Garden furniture

garden furniture online

Assorted garden furniture to enjoy your unique outdoor hide-away.
Outdoor chairs with side tables, zero gravity rocking chairs, storage boxes, canopy swing chairs, furniture sets, patio furniture, wooden and metal benches, hammock swing chairs, hanging chairs, rattan sets, sun sofas and more.

Pet furniture

pet furniture online

Great selection of pet supplies including various pet furniture for your furry friends.
Dog beds and pillows, kennels, scratching posts, furniture protectors, dog ramps, cat tunnels, pet enclosures and more.

Why Click Shop AU

Click Shop Australia | Home & Garden and Outdoor is an Australian owned and operated online shop offering great deals on all your home furnishing, decorating, and improvement, garden and outdoor living products and accessories.
Your purchase is secured by current industry standards offered by payment processors, such as Stripe and PayPal. Also, we have ‘Buy Now and Pay Later’ options with Wizpay, Afterpay, ZIP and PayPal Pay in 4.

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Heaters for home – BIG SALE

Heating Click Shop AU

Home Heating – BIG SALE

Heaters for home


heaters for home

Need a little extra heating to get through winter? The Click Shop AU heating solutions are here to solve your winter blues.

Wall mounted panel heaters, patio heaters, infrared heaters, ceramic tower heaters, heated towel rails and many more – even heaters for reptiles.
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Also, a large selection of Homewares, Garden & Outdoor Living/Camping products for your comfort.

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A cozy living room for a warm and relaxing feel

Create a cozy living room in your home

Creating an inviting space that everyone will want to gather in is easy with our range of contemporary furniture. An attractive selection is available on this website, equally suitable for stylish apartments, and small or large lounge rooms in a big family home.

cozy living room

The range

A wide range of comfortable furniture such as sofa beds, recliner chairs, armchairs and many more are available right now at Click Shop AU.

Why you’ll need them

A cozy living room is one of the most valued areas in your home. Apart from entertaining guest, families tend to spend most of their time together in the comfort of the family sanctuary. This space needs to be friendly, functional and unique as it also defines the character of the house. Without comfortable living room furniture there is no attraction to gather and according to the experts, the most important piece of furniture for your home is a sofa and/or an armchair.

Click Shop AU


You could dramatically change the look of your family room with these modern, stylish, and comfortable products available now at Click Shop AU.
Are you also interested in bathroom or bedroom solutions?
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cozy living room

Why Click Shop AU

We sell brand new, quality products at budget-friendly prices. Our goods are delivered nationally with fast courier service with tracking. is an Australian owned and operated online shop offering great deals on all your home furnishing, decorating and improvement, garden and outdoor living products and accessories.

living room comfortable

Link to products

Take advantage of our competitive prices and create a cozy living room that suits your expectations and personality. Amp up your comfort levels and connect with family and friends on another level.
Browse our selection at:

44 Cozy Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

Apr 16, 2022 You can make any room feel cozy and inviting by adding comfy furnishings, warm lighting, vintage touches, sensual textures, and an extra …