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Videos of home improvement products and Outdoor Living

Home Improvement products, Garden & Outdoor Living

A collection of videos of home, garden & outdoor living products and product categories on clickshop.com.au.
From cooling solutions to pet supplies, we have them all. These videos will be updated continuously to showcase Click Shop AU growing products that will assist you in home improvement projects that will add value and comfort to your living quarters.

home improvement products

Videos of home improvement products

Home Heating SALE

Cooling Solutions video

Cooling solutions – article

Living Room video

Living room comfort – article

Inflatables video

Visit the kids outdoor section for ride on toys, table sets, soccer goal net, portable bicycle rack, basketball stand, inflatable toys, swing & playground, sandbox , etc.

Pet Supplies video

Wide range of pet supplies from puppy dog training pads, kennels, scratching posts to bird cages, rabbit enclosures, exercise cages, etc.

Camping video

Camping & hiking accessories, portable coffee maker, metal detectors, t-shirts, smartwatches, lights, picnic basket, portable camping toilet, furniture, etc.

Garden Furniture video

Assorted garden furniture to enjoy your unique hide-away.

Garden Tools video

Garden tools to assist in managing your garden.

Christmas Decorations video

Christmas decorations from trees, lights and inflatables, etc.
(This is a seasonal product range.)

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Outdoor Living Products

Extending your home’s living space to include an outdoor patio or firepit adds style, value, and functionality … See their product video here: HPC VIDEO.

Our home improvement products are a combination of contemporary design, functionality and affordability aimed to improve your living conditions and comfort.